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Backup Messages Stored In The Cloud

Even though Gmail belongs to a lineage of cutting-edge applications with all your cloud-based Web mechanism and having behind the Technology Security, Backup and Data Centers redundant eventually hear the question: "Can I do local backup of my emails ?".

In practice, since Google implemented Gmail, we know of no case where the mailbox of a user has simply disappeared. The Gmail is considered as one of the best courier services in terms of Security and Backup.

For you to have a backup of all posts of users within an organization that uses the Google Business Apps, you must purchase the Google Postini Services. In free version of this application is not available.

However for users of the free versions, the world is not lost. For those who are unsafe to leave your messages in the "Cloud Server", I usually play and to allude to this concern as " Syndrome MS-Outlook " .


There is a free solution available on the Web that makes a backup copy of your messages on your HD equipment or any external storage device.

This is the Gmail Backup, a software developed by two programmers in freelance mode GPL , ie it is free for distribution and cannot be traded. However, on the product page, you may wish to make a donation to keep the program development.

Gmail Backup

1st. Visit the link below and download the appropriate version for your operating system (there are versions for Windows and Linux).

2nd. If you are using the Windows operating system: Download gmail-backup-0.107.exe

3rd. After the download, double-click the downloaded file to install. Follow the guidelines of the program.

We hope this will give more peace with those who still fear losing their emails and hopefully now with more confidence using the cloud hosting solutions .

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